Do not miss Korcula when visiting Croatia! Marco… Polo…

When in Croatia, visiting the island of Korcula is a must. It is as if you were visiting a miniature version of Dubrovnik.

korchula city center

We rented a car for the day in Dubrovnik (from Avant Car Rental) and drove a couple hours to the ferry stop across the island. Thankfully our car had GPS so we didn’t get lost but you can easily look this up in your phone maps. We parked in the lot near the ticket station and bought a ticket on the car ferry since it was actually about to depart in a few minute. We heard that parking in Korcula was limited so we decided to just leave it parked in the mainland. Continue reading “Do not miss Korcula when visiting Croatia! Marco… Polo…”

red cross picture

Helping our community after Irma

It’s the first weekend since Hurricane Irma has passed over South Florida and some of my friends are still with out power, the sidewalks are filled with branches and dead trees, and traffic lights are still not working but all that didn’t stop us from helping others. Many from the community took time out of their day and most took money out of their own pockets to help the evacuees located at the Miami Dade Fair Expo. A majority of the evacuees are from Monroe County and unfortunately due to the devastation of the Keys their only option is to stay in the shelter for an undetermined amount of time.

While visiting the shelter we were greeted by a Nurse who was volunteering and also spoke with the supply team leader who informed us of the urgently needed items. We quickly gathered our friends, family and neighbors and with their donations we gathered 30 towels, diapers, pet supplies, clothes, and activities for kids all in a span of 24 hours. This was just a small spec of help that we were able to provide the evacuees at the shelters as many more families and locals assisted as well. From bringing TV’s to power outlets to water bottles, it was great to see so many people of all ages assisting the evacuees. And not only do the donations help the evacuees in that specific shelter but items are being sent to the Keys in truckloads.

For more information on how you can help I have included a link from FIU.

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The Dogs days of Summer

daisy enjoying dogsters

Can’t believe how fast this summer is passing! What happened to June and July?! It has definitely been a hot summer but before school and traffic starts and we get back to our routines, we had to enjoy a last minute family gathering. All we needed was good food and good company. Our good company included our three dogs along with lots of hungry friends. And wanted to end the summer on a good note so our Good Food included healthy ice cream treats this time.

I definitely have to tell you all about Dogster because I never knew that there was ice cream for dogs. I’m not talking about having your dog lick your ice cream bowl when you’re done but real ice cream dedicated for dogs.  Dogsters are small cups of ice cream that come in Mint and Peanut Butter and Cheese flavors. We were so excited to have our dogs try these treats out and we weren’t disappointed – they loved it! We had a box of the Mint ice cream and all 3 dogs took their cups and started licking away. We removed the paper lid and put the ice cream cups inside their food bowl so it wouldn’t be too messy but there was not even a drop left by the time they finished. The oldest dog took her cup to a corner and licked her cup non-stop in record time until there was no more. She cleaned it up so well that I almost thought she was going to eat the cup too. I’m sure if they were to write a review they would give Dogsters Ice Cream 10 stars! The box states it’s all natural and there are no added sugar, no milk, and no artificial flavors/colors so that was a major plus!

We didn’t forget the humans at the party either as we had our own version of healthy treats. I was skeptical at first as I am a die-hard chocolate lover but there was no chocolate in sight here and I was in for a sweet surprise. We served Whole Fruit Fruit Bars in Coconut and Raspberry, Whole fruit Sorbet in Mango and Raspberry and Whole Fruit Frozen Juice.  The Mango flavored sorbet was the most popular flavor. After all, you can’t go wrong with Mango. My favorite was the Coconut Fruit Bars ( I love anything coconut). Both the Mango and Raspberry sorbet can go well by itself or as an addition to another treat such as Key Lime Pie. These bars were only 70 calories each and the frozen fruits juices were 60 calories each which made this the perfect treat after a big barbecue.

Overall, it was a successful gathering of family, friends and dogs. We had great food and our sweets didn’t break any diets either but more importantly I feel this is what summer is all about. Hope you all got a chance to celebrate the season with the ones you care – humans and non-humans.

Disclosure: I was provided with Dogster and Whole Fruit coupons, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

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dubrovnik, croatia

Oh those city walls in Dubrovnik

dubrovnik windows

The beautiful city walls of Dubrovnik should be at the top of your bucket list when visiting. Inside the old city you will find narrow streets full of restaurants, a church,  stores and of course… many, many, many steps so make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. You can enter the city walls from the old Harbor or Pile Gate but either entrance will give you access to spectacular city views.

fortress in dubrovnik

Not only will you feel like if you are in an episode of Game of Thrones but walking thru the city walls will give you the best views of the vast blue water surrounding the city.  I spent most of my money there eating back ice cream – Cokolada Extra Ice Cream.

war museum

Dubrovnik is a city full of history and one of my favorite experiences was taking the cable cars to the top of the mountain and visit the Museum of Croatian War of Independence. The building itself is a fort and you can climb the stairs to the top and see the city from a different angle. Afterwards you can even rent an ATV and go on a safari trip up there as well.


There are so many things to do and places to visit. You can take a ferry to Lokrum Island from the old city port and bathe in the nude beach (not my cup of tea but I heard its beautiful) or hike up to the fort.  You can also island hop the Elafiti islands and enjoy the beaches and the hiking trails.

dubrovnik 2017

I truly fell in love with this city and its people! To see more of our adventures in Croatia check out my video.

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kale fort skopje

Macedonia has the nicest people, like for real!

city of skopje
Kale Fortress

This fortress is located near the old bazaar and there is no cost to enter. You can climb the tower walls, walk to the end of the fort walls, or have a picnic outside the gates.

turkish tea
Having Turkish coffee in the Old Bazaar

The great feature about our hostel  (Shanti Hostel) was that it was located near a big supermarket and Macedonia Square. For lunch we grabbed some kebabs and for dessert we drank Turkish coffee and tea. So delicious and while I was prepping to take this picture, two nice girls sat next to us and started talking to us. The love taking pictures and after a few minutes talking they offered to give us a tour of their city. SERIOUSLY!! How nice of them to even offer that to two complete strangers 🙂

mother son statue in skopje
Water Fountain of Alexander the Great as a child with his mother in Macedonia Square

We hiked down from the Museum of Contemporary Art to Macedonia Square where you start getting surrounded by many statues and water fountains. This water fountain shows Alexander the Great as a child with his mother , Olympias.

bus stop

The next day we went to the bus station to catch the bus towards Mt. Vodno and ride the Cable Cars. The bus station is full of many buses and bus stops. A nice street sweeper probably saw the confused look in our faces and helped us find the right booth to buy the tickets and he even took us to the right bus stop.  He was so NICE! After several minutes of waiting for the bus we went back to the ticket booth to make sure we were waiting for the right bus but bad news. . . that bus does not come on Monday’s so we had to find an alternate bus route. We were told to go to another bus stop and while crossing the street we found the same street sweeper and he guided us again to the new bus stop without any hesitation. SERIOUSLY, he was so nice and loved how we were able to communicate all this time without any english.

milenial cross
Millennial Cross

The cable cars do not work on Monday’s so we hiked up the road for about 2 hours and finally made it to Millenial Cross. You will see beautiful mountain views of the countryside and if you are brave enough, you can hike to Matka Canyon from here.

matka canyon
Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon has a nice hiking trail on the edge of the cliffs that face the river, kayaks, and boat tours. We took a boat ride to one of the caves and even thought it was pretty dark you can still see and hear the bats flying above you.

mother teresa museum
Mother Teresa Memorial House

Back in Macedonia Square, we visited Mother Teresa’s Memorial House. It is a beautiful modern museum where you can see many pictures, mementos from her home and a chapel located on the top floor.

skopje fields

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