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Hello! I’m Betty and thank you for visiting my page!

I am excited to connect with you all to learn how we can live a healthy and confident life both in and out of the workplace while at the same becoming better versions of ourselves. I also created this space to learn about all the amazing ladies in the world. Growing up I was thankful to have a great circle of friends whom I have known forever and it’s amazing how we have stuck together all this time. It is this sense of empowerment and confidence which radiated amongst us all that helped me become successful in my career and in life. You will see me gossip about my friends all the time but most importantly I created this platform to make new friendships and share new ideas to help you continue to conquer the world.

A little bit about me – I am truly blessed to have a supportive family, be part of a growing non-profit organization, and have a successful career at one of South Florida’s Top Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies. You may hear me post a lot about traveling as I love to learn about new cultures and share my experiences. Since I was young I have always spent my time helping the community which is why I am a strong supporter of giving back. I hope you all can join me in spreading positive energy and goodwill to make a difference.

I am committed to spread my passions of kindness, courage, and inspiration to help empower the millennial women in today’s world. It’s all about ladies supporting ladies. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Thank you for reading!


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