dr. marium-kazmi

Making a statement while caring for patients

Meet Dr. Marium Kazmi! I’m so happy to introduce you to one of my best friends – she is smart, kind, and a master with the make-up brush. She is not only a doctor but also a philanthropist and role model to her younger sisters. Just recently she had the honor of cloaking her younger sister, Rabiya, with her first white coat who is also following in her footsteps to become a doctor. She has indeed become an inspiration to her family and others as well. Her positivity is always contagious and did I mention she also makes a bold fashion statement in the office? She can make any outfit standout when she wears her coat. Her passion for helping others not only constitutes of being a mentor but also in helping her home country. Marium and her husband donated to the Lahaute Foundation who provide clean drinking water to the villages in rural Pakistan. Their donation made it possible to build a well for one of the villages and provide clean water. Women like her are individuals who are not only working hard to succeed but are also making a difference in the world. They put others before them and never forget where they come from. I wish her nothing but continued success!!

What advice would you give to someone who would like to pursue a career in medicine?

Medicine is such a wonderful field but as with all good things comes immense responsibility. My biggest advice is never to give up if you aspire to pursue a career in medicine. The journey is a long and hard one but the amount of joy you get from helping your patients is well worth the sleepless nights on call, the stress of exams and many sacrifices you have to make in your personal life. Make sure to balance your work and family life, many times you have to miss a lot of important occasions in life due to the long hours but surrounding yourself with supportive family and friends always helps.

Who was your role model growing up?

Growing up my role models were my parents. They immigrated from Pakistan and worked hard to provide everything they could for us. My parents were always helping people who were experiencing difficult times, they’re belief is that you should try and help everyone in any small or big way you can.

What advice would you give to working women who want to make a fashion statement in the office?

I feel that any working professional should always dress the part because your choice of clothing is a reflection of you. It shows you took the time to look presentable and respect your patients and coworkers. As for a fashion statement, I think each person has their unique style and it should reflect in their clothing. Most importantly for me, my choice of clothing for the office always has to be comfortable.

reception table
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Bridal Shower Bliss

bride to be
2016 is the year of marital bliss for two of my best friends. It was a hectic start to the new year as everyone was multi-tasking, crunching numbers, and working around the clock to meet deadlines. From eating Eiffel towers cake pops to celebrating in a country theme luncheon, it is an amazing year for my friends and an amazing display of bridal showers.

The first bridal shower of the year was a Paris theme backyard escape. As you enter the backyard you can’t help but notice the beautiful greeting table that contains the initials of the Bride and Groom, a sign-in book and an Eiffel tower. The introduction to this theme began with the entrance where the guests can start feeling the emotions and vibes upon signing in. The tables were decorated with small lanterns and vases with pink roses. A huge sign hung on the wall that said “She Said Oui” and giant posters of the Eifel Tower could be seen all over the backyard. It definitely felt like I was in Paris.

reception table

The main event was off course, the Dessert Table – especially the Macaroons. The Table had small Eiffel towers placed in the center and the macaroons were the highlight. They were delicately created and tasted so delicious that I loved all the flavors. A nice touch was labeling all the desserts as there were plenty. The red velvet cupcakes were decorated with the Eiffel towers and beautiful patterns. It also helped that the plates and silverware were pink with the Paris theme and the goodie gifts contained a “Merci” note.

Moving on to Spring, my other good friend just wrapped up her country themed luncheon at Loui’s restaurant in Coral Gables. This theme had elegant touches of rose bouquets and lemon-filled vases throughout the tables. The welcome table was full of mason jars so that everyone can write done a marriage tip for the bride and a beautiful scrapbook. My favorite game was a skittles game to help break the ice with all the guests. We each had to pick a color of a skittle from a jar and based on the color you chose you will have to describe a situation. For example, if I chose the color red then according to the game host I will need to tell the person next to me what I do for a living. It was a nice game to get to know each other and the bridal shower was a hit with the delicious appetizers and desserts.

mason jar

I can’t wait to attend her wedding later this year as I know it will be a success but more importantly she will be the happiest girl in the world. From macaroons to strawberry filled mason jars, it is a year of happiness for my dear friends and I wish them nothing but the best in their new chapter in life.

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Dont forget to Sparkle & Shine Darling

Betty and Mrs. Adrienne
It sparkles and it shines, its Sparkle and Shine Darling! This is the creation of Mrs. Adrienne Bosh’s sparkling boutique as what started out as several vision boards now has become the ultimate sanctuary for women to feel empowered and be celebrated. As soon as you enter thru the doors there are motivational messages found all over the floor and walls that make you smile from ear to ear and according to her blog, her “hope is that it’s also a haven, a place for community and friendship, positivity and support.

Every shelf you look at and at every turn you make you will find inspirational messages from beautiful stationary sets to books that can help new mothers and even a small café where you can share a treat and bond with your girlfriends or have a quiet mother and daughter moment.

Mrs. Bosh is not only a mompreneur but also a philanthropist, along with her husband, who gives back to the community and helps everyone around her. She is a huge believer in ladies supporting ladies and strives to help families and women with the community. Whether she is managing inventory in her boutique or hosting Glamchella with her Team Tomorrow Foundation, she is always promoting positivity and motivating women.

paris boutique

It is so great to see her dream become a reality and it was a pleasure meeting her. While congratulating her on her new venture she took her time to take pictures and talk to me about Sparkle and Shine Darling. Mrs. Bosh is a wonderful lady full of kindness that radiates when she smiles and I wish her continued success! For more information on her boutique please visit her website at sparkleandshinedarling.com.

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Life is Good today

Photo: lifeisgood.com

While I was shopping to buy a birthday card for a friend I noticed there was a t-shirt stand located nearby that had a cute pumpkin with the best saying ever “Life is Good”! What a great way to start the day. I have heard about the ‘Life is Good’ brand but I wanted to learn more about them and quickly found myself immersed in their positive world.

Just from visiting their website you not only see their funny and cute T-shirt designs but you also feel the spirit of their brand. They have such inspirational content and I love their purpose to spread optimism and their support to the kids’ foundations. I also listened to a powerful podcast conducted by Lewis Howes with Bert Jacobs, CEO of Life is Good, where he shares stories and insights on how to live optimistically. We can all learn a few tips from one of most successful Chief Operating Optimists on the planet.

Bert explained that there are several tools you can use to live a great positive life and everyone can achieve this. These simple tools have existed during the times of our great grandparents and they will continue to exist for our future generations. His most powerful message are ten super-hero characteristics that help mold his business model.

Some of the characteristics include “Openness”, “Gratitude”, and “Humor.”

1) Openness: It is not easy being open but Bert emphasized that sharing your personal stories allows you to be more magnetic and attractive to people. It is a wonderful characteristic to have and I personally am most grateful for the openness of all the amazing people I meet that allow me to share their stories on my blog.

2) Gratitude: Have the greatest appreciation for life – many people face hard challenges every day and it is important to take time and enjoy the little things and be grateful.

3) Humor: Not only is humor good for your health but it is also a way that connects people.

Life is Good is a happy brand and you can read more about their message and positive stories by visiting their website.

I am all for living a positive life and sharing this message. There are many tough days and challenges we may be faced with but take time to live your life positively. Instead of talking about all the negative events that are happening to you ask each other ‘what was your good moment today.’ Don’t forget to spend time to be with your friends/family and laugh. This brand sends a good human message that I wholly embrace.
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