Do not miss Korcula when visiting Croatia! Marco… Polo…

When in Croatia, visiting the island of Korcula is a must. It is as if you were visiting a miniature version of Dubrovnik.

korchula city center

We rented a car for the day in Dubrovnik (from Avant Car Rental) and drove a couple hours to the ferry stop across the island. Thankfully our car had GPS so we didn’t get lost but you can easily look this up in your phone maps. We parked in the lot near the ticket station and bought a ticket on the car ferry since it was actually about to depart in a few minute. We heard that parking in Korcula was limited so we decided to just leave it parked in the mainland. At this point we were getting used to taking the car ferries as it was probably our 5th time taking one. Once we arrived at the dock, we took a taxi to the old town but you can also walk there – it’s a about a 20-25 minute walk.

church tower

The town was just full of color and those popular terra cotta roofs. As you enter thru Land Gate and pass the walls, you immediately feel as if you were traveling back in time. As you pass the gates, St. Mark’s Cathedral is right in the center which provides one of the best spots to see a 360 view of the town. The stairs are a little narrow but it is definitely worth the small fee to climb the tower.

korchula streets

Korcula is also well known to be the birth place of Marco Polo and below is a picture of his home. There is plenty of debate about this but this small town is definitely charming place to visit.

marco polo korchula

We were running short on time as we needed to drop off our car at the Dubrovnik airport so we headed back to the ferry but this time we decided to walk. We were making good on time as we wanted to take the 6:50 PM ferry however once we reached the dock we realized that the ferry was closing its ramp and started running but it was too late. What happened? It was our mistake as once again we got the ferry time wrong in the schedule. We looked at the time the ferry was departing from the mainland and not from Korcula. So the lesson learned here is – make sure you look a the right column when looking at the ferry schedule. Thankfully we only have to wait about 45 minutes for another ferry and made it just on time to turn in our car rental.

This island has so much character and is not crowded like the rest of the other locations. Wish we had more time here but we had a great time getting lost in the old town and traveling back in time.

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