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While I was shopping to buy a birthday card for a friend I noticed there was a t-shirt stand located nearby that had a cute pumpkin with the best saying ever “Life is Good”! What a great way to start the day. I have heard about the ‘Life is Good’ brand but I wanted to learn more about them and quickly found myself immersed in their positive world.

Just from visiting their website you not only see their funny and cute T-shirt designs but you also feel the spirit of their brand. They have such inspirational content and I love their purpose to spread optimism and their support to the kids’ foundations. I also listened to a powerful podcast conducted by Lewis Howes with Bert Jacobs, CEO of Life is Good, where he shares stories and insights on how to live optimistically. We can all learn a few tips from one of most successful Chief Operating Optimists on the planet.

Bert explained that there are several tools you can use to live a great positive life and everyone can achieve this. These simple tools have existed during the times of our great grandparents and they will continue to exist for our future generations. His most powerful message are ten super-hero characteristics that help mold his business model.

Some of the characteristics include “Openness”, “Gratitude”, and “Humor.”

1) Openness: It is not easy being open but Bert emphasized that sharing your personal stories allows you to be more magnetic and attractive to people. It is a wonderful characteristic to have and I personally am most grateful for the openness of all the amazing people I meet that allow me to share their stories on my blog.

2) Gratitude: Have the greatest appreciation for life – many people face hard challenges every day and it is important to take time and enjoy the little things and be grateful.

3) Humor: Not only is humor good for your health but it is also a way that connects people.

Life is Good is a happy brand and you can read more about their message and positive stories by visiting their website.

I am all for living a positive life and sharing this message. There are many tough days and challenges we may be faced with but take time to live your life positively. Instead of talking about all the negative events that are happening to you ask each other ‘what was your good moment today.’ Don’t forget to spend time to be with your friends/family and laugh. This brand sends a good human message that I wholly embrace.
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