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Empower yourself with Maureen from Life By Her Design

Back in April I attended the UNICEF Annual Meeting in Washington DC and one of my favorite workshops was “How to be an effective introvert leader” by Maureen Eno. She is the founder of Life by Her Design and is an empowerment coach who helps women find their own path in life while providing them with the confidence and tools they need to succeed. The greatest part of this workshop was that she spoke about one of my biggest fears – public speaking. This is definitely one of my least favorite topics at work, and in general, but she shared her funny experiences and was a pleasure to listen to. She was even a little nervous when she started speaking which made this all so much more relatable.

Her icebreaker set the tone for the rest of the workshop as she provided all of us with a Jack, Queen, King card and told us to place it in our forehead without looking at it.
Then we had to talk with the person next to us to try and determine what type of card was in our forehead. It was a great chance to engage with others in the room and it taught us about the importance of connecting and engaging. It is important for a good leader to treat those around them as individuals and to connect with them authentically. It was also a relief to be reminded that the main focus of your audience is to hear the information you are presenting and not to see you sweat profusely. Thinking with the big picture in mind allows you to establish better goals and stay committed.

Maureen is also founder of Echoes of a Kora which is a charity helping underprivileged children in Nigeria. She is an amazing woman and I encourage you to head on over to and check out her valuable resources.

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