Meet BeyondBeanie!

What is BeyondBeanie? It is a Social Company the both empowers artisans and helps the children in Bolivia. Every purchase you make helps provide school meals, supplies, and dental care to children in need while also empowering the women who make these products. For example, one hat will provide 5 school meals for a child in need and you can see each hat is signed by the artisan who created it. Half of my family is from Bolivia and I remember visiting La Paz many years ago. The landscaping was jaw-dropping, the food was delicious, and their culture was full of folklore and myths but the one thing that stood out everywhere was the poverty. There were homeless children and women all over the plazas asking for money . That is why I am proud to be their rep for the next few months as not only are they helping the children but also empowering the women in Bolivia.

You can learn more about their work and products at and also don’t forget to use Code BVASQ15 to receive 15% off your order.


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