kale fort skopje

Macedonia has the nicest people, like for real!

city of skopje
Kale Fortress

This fortress is located near the old bazaar and there is no cost to enter. You can climb the tower walls, walk to the end of the fort walls, or have a picnic outside the gates.

turkish tea
Having Turkish coffee in the Old Bazaar

The great feature about our hostel  (Shanti Hostel) was that it was located near a big supermarket and Macedonia Square. For lunch we grabbed some kebabs and for dessert we drank Turkish coffee and tea. So delicious and while I was prepping to take this picture, two nice girls sat next to us and started talking to us. The love taking pictures and after a few minutes talking they offered to give us a tour of their city. SERIOUSLY!! How nice of them to even offer that to two complete strangers 🙂

mother son statue in skopje
Water Fountain of Alexander the Great as a child with his mother in Macedonia Square

We hiked down from the Museum of Contemporary Art to Macedonia Square where you start getting surrounded by many statues and water fountains. This water fountain shows Alexander the Great as a child with his mother , Olympias.

bus stop

The next day we went to the bus station to catch the bus towards Mt. Vodno and ride the Cable Cars. The bus station is full of many buses and bus stops. A nice street sweeper probably saw the confused look in our faces and helped us find the right booth to buy the tickets and he even took us to the right bus stop.  He was so NICE! After several minutes of waiting for the bus we went back to the ticket booth to make sure we were waiting for the right bus but bad news. . . that bus does not come on Monday’s so we had to find an alternate bus route. We were told to go to another bus stop and while crossing the street we found the same street sweeper and he guided us again to the new bus stop without any hesitation. SERIOUSLY, he was so nice and loved how we were able to communicate all this time without any english.

milenial cross
Millennial Cross

The cable cars do not work on Monday’s so we hiked up the road for about 2 hours and finally made it to Millenial Cross. You will see beautiful mountain views of the countryside and if you are brave enough, you can hike to Matka Canyon from here.

matka canyon
Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon has a nice hiking trail on the edge of the cliffs that face the river, kayaks, and boat tours. We took a boat ride to one of the caves and even thought it was pretty dark you can still see and hear the bats flying above you.

mother teresa museum
Mother Teresa Memorial House

Back in Macedonia Square, we visited Mother Teresa’s Memorial House. It is a beautiful modern museum where you can see many pictures, mementos from her home and a chapel located on the top floor.

skopje fields

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